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“Amare” has latin origins and it means to love. Honestly, with its warm olive-toned stripes, what’s not to love? These brown tones you see are made using natural color, native, pre-hispanic cotton that is grown and cultivated by our partner in Guatemala. This cotton was also used by Mayans back in the day when they weaved their clothes and almost went extinct in the 90’s. So, with Amare, you are actually helping preserve Guatemalan heritage and its rich culture. Do it with lots of love.

Amare Duffel Bag

  • 100% handmade 

  • A fine representation of quality craftsmanship by Guatemalan artisans who weave the textiles for the finished product

  • Mix of 100% natural, native, pre-hispanic cotton threads and upcycled cotton threads to create sustainable textiles used for product

  • No usage of chemicals or dyes

  • Comes packaged in a beautiful SOULITUDE laundry bag that can be used for multipurposes

  • Detachable wristlet included

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