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Leslie Fieger once said, “A life without passion is not a life - it is merely an existence.” This is why our “Ardor” duffel bag will be the perfect companion as you wander off to exciting new places. Ardor means to convey great warmth of feeling, passion, or enthusiasm and it will help you do just that! As you continue your journey of self-love, this bag will be a reminder to pursue life with immense ardor.

Ardor Duffel Bag

  • 100% handmade 

  • A fine representation of quality craftsmanship by Guatemalan artisans who weave the textiles for the finished product

  • Mix of 100% natural, native, pre-hispanic cotton threads and upcycled cotton threads to create sustainable textiles used for product

  • No usage of chemicals or dyes

  • Comes packaged in a beautiful SOULITUDE laundry bag that can be used for multipurposes

  • Detachable wristlet included

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