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We want you to always live your life to the fullest and take in every moment. “Vita” means life in latin and is often referred to as a brief biographical sketch. With its bright blue denim tones, this bag has a personality of its own and will only add more color in your life. These blue tones are made from upcycled denim threads, which means that it has traces of the past and hints of the present. All it now awaits is for you to carry this bag as you seek a bright, promising future filled with exhilarating experiences.

Vita Duffel Bag

  • 100% handmade 

  • A fine representation of quality craftsmanship by Guatemalan artisans who weave the textiles for the finished product

  • Mix of 100% natural, native, pre-hispanic cotton threads and upcycled cotton threads to create sustainable textiles used for product

  • No usage of chemicals or dyes

  • Comes packaged in a beautiful SOULITUDE laundry bag that can be used for multipurposes

  • Wristlet NOT included with this purchase

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